Zongovation Hub gets support from Allied Consortiums

Zongovation Hub gets support from Allied Consortiums

Zongovation Hub – a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides skills training in Information Communication Technology (ICT) for the youth, has received financial support from Allied Consortiums, a South African-based civil engineering company with branches in Ghana.

Zongovation Hub, on Monday, received a cash donation of GHC30,000 from Allied Consortiums, to help in the execution of their training activities for the youth in the country.

Zongovation, an NGO formed in 2018, has over the years trained over 500 young men and women in website development, mobile app development, digitized media, codding, data management and other ICT-related activities.

Mr Benjamin Kofi Quarshie Group Chairman of Allied Consortium said they were motivated to support the Hub because they understand their vision and mission.

He said the gesture was also part of their efforts to support social development in the country, hence the decision to provide financial support to the Hub to help in the execution of their activities.

Mr. Quarshie said they would continue to support the activities of the Hub, in future endeavours having opened a branch in Ghana.

Mr. Isaac Kwame Penni Chief Executive Officer of Allied Consortiums commended the Hub for the support they have given to the youth of the country. He added that plans were in place to them further support as a way of curbing social vices in the country.

Mr Alhassan Khalid Director of Finance and Administration expressed appreciation to Allied Consortiums for supporting his outfit.

According to Mr Khalid they could have supported more young people to acquire ICT skills but were constrained by financial resources, hence the support had come at a perfect time.

He said, the funds would be put to judicious use as they seek to train more young men and women to be financially independent.

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