The Zongo Startup Program (ZoStaP) commenced in August 2023, focusing on nurturing and empowering young entrepreneurs through a 10-week incubation program. The journey started with a an orientation held on August 2, 2023. This orientation encouraged participants to set ambitious objectives for their entrepreneurial journey and cultivate a sense of belonging and motivation within the ZongoVation Hub setting.

The program’s official launch on August 7, 2023, marked a significant milestone in promoting entrepreneurial skills among Zongo youth. CEO of ZongoVation Hub, Mr. Mahmoud Jajah delivered welcoming remarks, highlighting the program’s profound significance. The event featured notable speakers like Honourable Alhaji Ben Abdullah Banda, the Presidential Coordinator for the Zongo and Inner Cities Development Secretariat, Honourable Yussif Jajah, the Member of Parliament for Ayawaso North Constituency, Mr. Clifford Bansah and Mrs. Patience Mills, representatives from the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP). The speakers emphasized the importance of the ZoStaP in line with broader regional and global objectives. The launch, igniting enthusiasm and commitment among the budding entrepreneurs, further amplified through interactive panel discussions and participant engagement.

Transitioning seamlessly into the 10-week intensive incubation phase, participants delved into entrepreneurial topics, demonstrating remarkable dedication with an 86% attendance rate during the first month. This phase prioritized transparency and accessibility, ensuring regular updates through media platforms and website enhancements to engage stakeholders effectively.

The inception of the Zongo Startup Program signifies the beginning of a promising entrepreneurial journey for Zongo youth. As the weeks unfold, the program anticipates witnessing the growth, innovation, and societal impact these aspiring entrepreneurs will undoubtedly bring to their communities and beyond. The journey has only just begun, promising a transformative odyssey.